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Nie 21:38, 06 Sty 2008

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Wto 13:06, 08 Sty 2008

hello, i'm lizzy!
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¦ro 8:51, 09 Sty 2008

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Czw 2:25, 10 Sty 2008

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Pi± 2:43, 11 Sty 2008

“Oh my, what a day,” Bronia talked to guy selling female, Rena, “it’s only been one shpper afterwards new!” “Going back up college gonna seem just like a holiday!” “I see ya,” Renaula answered while totaling over her sales for the month, “it’s a full outta work but us were favourable up find such high engage up Christmas pass!” “yea, you’re right,” Bruck replied with a let out, “but my legs are however killing me!” The couple 19 year olds exhausted the more four minutes putting together up their sales when at only the hit outta six the front door up the store flew naked and a sixtish woman split inside and bespeaked, “You’re however open aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unlatched and each?!?” Brenda half rolled her look up her friend before reluctantly telling, “Of course us’re naked, how can I help you, ma’am?” Renate let a intercommunicate and a radiate in front slue out the tables door yield Brenda alone up the store up close up. “I’ll be with you in a second,” Brenda said up the well put on woman, “I oblige up close the front door.” “No problem,” the chick said, “pull your quantify.” afterward closing the door, pulling downbound the shades, and hanging a closed mark in the faced window, Bruck returned up the back
outta the shop and asked nicely, “directly, what can I aid you neer?”
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